Google Adwords Overview
Understanding inorganic search results
Introduction to Google adwords & PPC
Overview of Microsoft Adcenter (Bing & Yahoo)
Setting up Google adwords account
Understanding adwords account structure
Campaigns, Adgroups, Ads, Keywords, etc
Types of Advertising campaigns- Search,
Display, Shopping & video
Difference between search & display campaign
Understanding Adwords Algorithm
How does adwords rank ads
Understanding adwords algorithm (adrank) in
detail with examples
What is quality score
Why quality score is important
What is CTR?
Why CTR is important?
Understanding bids
Creating Search Campaigns
Types of Search Campaigns – Standard,
All features, dynamic search & product listing
Google merchant center.
Creating our 1st search campaign
Doing campaign level settings
Understanding location targeting
Different types of location targeting
What is bidding strategy?
PPC Advertising
Google Adwords
Importance of CTR in optimization
How to increase CTR
Importance of quality score in
How to increase quality score
Importance of negative keywords in
Evaluating campaign stats
Optimizing with conversion report
Optimizing with keywords
Optimizing performing keywords
Optimizing non performing keywords
How to decrease CPC
Analyzing your competitors
Creating Display Campaign
Types of display campaigns-
All features, Mobile app,
Remarketing, Engagement
Creating 1st display campaign
Difference in search & display
campaign settings
Doing campaign level settings
Understanding CPM bid strategy
Advance settings
Understanding ads placement
Creating diff. adgroups
Using display planner tool
Finding relevant websites for ads
Creating text ads
Creating banner ads using tools
Uploading banner ads
Optimizing Display Campaign
What is remarketing?
Setting up remarketing campaign
Creating Remarketing lists
Advanced Level list creation
Custom audience
Understanding different types of bid
Advanced level bid strategies
Enhanced CPC
What are flexible bidding strategies?
Understanding flexible bidding strategy
Pros & Cons of different bid strategies
Understanding ad-extensions
Types of ad-extensions
Adding ad-extensions in our campaign
Creating adgroups
Finding relevant adgroups options
using tools
Creating adgroups using tool
Understanding keywords
Finding relevant keywords
Adding keywords in ad-group
Using keyword planner tool
Understanding types of keywords
Board, Phrase, exact, synonym &
Examples of types of keywords
Pros and cons of diff. types of
Creating ads
Understanding ad metrics
Display & destination URL
How to write a compelling ad copy
Best & worst examples of ads
Creating ads
Tracking Performance/Conversion
What is conversion tracking?
Why is it important
How to set up conversion tracking
Adding tracking code in your website
Checking conversion stats
Optimizing Search Campaigns
How to optimize campaigns at the time of
Optimizing campaign via adgroups

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