Understanding Internet
Difference between Internet & web
Understanding websites
Understanding domain names & domain extensions
What is web server & web hosting
Different types of web servers
Different types of websites
Based on functionality
Based on purpose
Planning & Conceptualising a Website
Booking a Domain Name & webhosting
Adding domain Name to web Server
Adding webpages & content
Adding Plugins
Building website using CMS in Class
Identifying objective of website
Deciding on Number of Pages Required
Planning for Engagement Options
Creating Blueprint of Every webpage
Best & Worst Examples

Upendra Kumar Mahanty

An effective and result-oriented leader with over 08 years of Engineering, Designs, leadership, Web Creativity, E-administrations, and -management experience, highly organized, independent and skilled communicator, able to maintain cultural sensitivity, establish rapport with members of diverse groups, and effectively coordinate tasks to accomplish projects with timeliness and creativity promote team cohesiveness

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