I have been working as an internet marketer since 2005. I have good expertise in Web Development, Custom web APP Development, WordPress Design, Bootstrap Design, Web Server Management and SEO Services.

Founder and Co-Founder of Advance E-Learning Technologies OPC Private Limited, Mitsu Cad Cam Solutions Pvt. Ltd, & Smart Learning Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Working as a successful consultant in the World Wide Web (WWW) stuffs especially in e-businesses and e-products & services. As far programming languages, I’m skilled at HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, jQuery, and Bootstrap.

• Have proven 13+ years + successful career in designs especially in the domains of CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM.

• Launched the 1st ever e-learning complete solutions in CAD/CAM/CAE domain in India.

• Consultant for Smart Learning Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd for 5 years e-learning.

• Sound know- how in protection and DRM (data right management) technologies.

• 6+ years expertise in e-learning domain.

• Have worked and satisfied 1000+ customers in worldwide in about 32+ countries.

• More than 6+ years expertise in authoring tools.

• Over 10,000 hrs. of e-learning services delivered.

• Trained more than 10,000 engineers all over in India.

• Published successfully 40+ products for Smart Learning Technologies India private limited.

I have been appreciated as an engineer, consultant and entrepreneur and have also been awarded by a good number of renowned defence organizations in India like:

• Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO).

• Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSMCRI).

• Delhi Institute Of Tool Engineering (DITE).

• GNA Institute Of Management & Technology (GNA-IMT).

• MEC Shot Blasting Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

• National Institute Of Technical Teachers’ Training & Research (NITTTR).

• Hulasi Metals Pvt. Ltd.

• Jai Parvati Forge Limited.

• Imperial Auto- Faridabad.

• Lovely Professional University- Jalandhar